Stressence : helping you get to the origin and essence of your stress and root it out!

“Stress in addition to being itself, was also the cause of itself, and the result of itself.”
(British Medical Journal, 1951)


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Stress is difficult to define because it is so different for each of us.

We can create our own stress because of the levels of control we feel in certain situations.

One situation can be stressful for one person and not another, because different people  have different expectations or perceptions to other people, due to differing backgrounds, beliefs and habits.


We will

  • Listen to your needs
  • Explain to you how hypnosis works

  • Go over the main principles of the Programme and what it will deliver
  • Tease out how you came to be this way
  • Explain to you the virtues of making mistakes, and how to learn from them.
  • Describe how Specific triggers can cause an individual’s stress
  • Explore the concept of limiting beliefs, and what this means in your life
  • Hypnotise your subconscious mind into new behaviour patterns and self-belief systems
  • Work on reducing feelings of helplessness and provide a sense of control over problems.

You will

  • Gain immediate physical and mental relaxation
  • Be taught under hypnosis how to almost immediately return to this state of calm and relaxation no matter what is going on in your life
  • Find useful tips and tricks for Stress Avoidance in your daily life
  • Be led on an exciting journey of understanding of your own Stressors
  • Gain perspective on the issues that lead to your current stress reaction
  • Learn how to react differently in previously stressful situations
  • Find yourself thoroughly enjoying a life filled with the excitement of positive stress
  • Find that you are happier in work
  • Find that you are more calmly approaching problems and solving them more easily
  • Find yourself sleeping more soundly
  • Find that you are proud of yourself


One-to-One or Group Sessions available


We look forward to hearing from you!