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Traditional workshops and team-building events tend towards group problem-solving by sticking people into the middle of an unknown situation, and getting them to work together. In the process they break down barriers, allow them to see each other in a different light, and ideally to work better together in their real jobs. This is very worthwhile. However it is also very non-specific, and almost impossible to apply to your real-life business or day to day relationships.

Other workshops are about coming up with new ideas and then trying to fit them into your business.

One of the problems with this approach is that it can be very scattershot, and often the implementation of the ideas might require the fundamental business model to change where no such change is desired or required.

In other words it’s not outcome driven – the ideas most often lead to an outcome that just does not deliver what the company wishes to achieve.

Here at SynAlySys, we use Targeted Workshops with an emphasis on “Liquid Teams”. We don’t leave the outcome to chance. We engineer the approach by clearly specifying what we want the outcome to be at the outset.

We look at the facts on the ground as they are today, and then by a process of Analysis, Synthesis, and holistic System level-thinking, using a mix of traditional and non-traditional approaches and creative methods, the group will devise a set of ideas and a plan to achieve that outcome.


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We begin with the result we want and explore what we would have to do in order to achieve those outcomes.

We then look at the impacts on the Business as it exists today, and the changes that would have to be made to shape the Operating model to deal with the challenges and mitigations required to implement that targeted change.

If an outright set of answers is not possible, at the very least an approach to achieve that answer or outcome will be formulated.

Obviously each company is different, and each business type needs to be considered differently, and that is the true power of SynAlySys: it’s a methodology to achieve a tailor-made approach to all business challenges. Naturally it requires that the right people are in the room who understand your business, in order to enable the change you are seeking – or worst case – to identify the issues preventing it from happening, allowing escalation or more refined workshops.

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