Synalysys is a new and innovative technique and approach to Creativity and Problem Solving that fuses traditional scientific methods with unconventional methodologies in order to bring about New Solutions to awkward questions, or deep-rooted complexities in a fully encompassing, organic, and holistic manner.

Here at Synalysys we offer a wide range of Insight Services to different areas of society

  • Targeted Think Tanks for Corporate Solutions
  • Artist and Creative Workshops
  • Parental Guidance: “How not to Mess up your kids”
  • Mid-Life Crisis Management: “Mid Life Wake”
  • Fitness and Weight Loss: “F1TNESS.COM”
  • Stress Management: “Stressence”
  • Happiness Engineering: “”Happynys”
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

In Synalysys , we use Targeted Workshops with an emphasis on “Liquid Teams” who are constantly working the problem from different angles, using different approaches, but co-ordinated and directed to achieve the end goals. We don’t leave the outcome to chance. We clearly specify what we want the outcome to be, look at the facts on the ground as they are today, and then by a process of Analysis, Synthesis, and holistic System level-thinking, using a mix of traditional and non-traditional management and creative methods, as a group we devise a set of ideas and a plan to achieve that outcome.

Synalysys : Your one-stop-shop for Creative Change Management in your Personal and Business Lives!