Parental Guidance

This workshop represents an earnest desire to help parents to raise their children in the way that will enable them to have a happy childhood and allow them to grow into fully rounded, confident, and decent people.

We look at the problems facing people today, and work on an understanding of why people have them in the first place. More importantly it deals with how to use this information to monitor your own behaviour in order to avoid potentially causing these problems in your own children.




Using the Synalysys method, as well as the verifiable results of many years of treatment with Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Child Psychology, we root out the behaviours in parents that can cause problems in children, that in later life can manifest themselves as depression, anxiety, phobias. We replace them with fostering and positive behaviours.

To deal with problems that may already exist, the workshop will demonstrate how to construct stories for your children using hypnotic language, and to use these stories to gain insight into what your child is thinking and feeling. And how to gently re-teach any aberrant behaviour or attitudes.

After this workshop you will

  • have a deep insight into why people are the way they are today.
  • understand the best approaches in countering bullying, childish tantrums, boredom and lassitude in children
  • learn how to break any behavioural cycles you repeat from your own childhood.
  • have insights into the potential impacts on your child that your various mannerisms or parenting techniques may have.
  • be enabled to proactively assist your children in creative endeavours
  • understand how to build their self-esteem
  • replace limiting beliefs with capable can-do attitude, and positive outlook
  • enable your children to confidently manage school, friends, conflict etc. in a more open manner,
  • teach you to empower your children to be unafraid to ask for help or advice, because they will feel more connected to You, their parents.

And in the process you’ll probably find out many new and enlightening things about yourself…


Overview Workshop

A one-day introduction and overview workshop is available to go through the main beats of the course, and to give parents a snapshot insight into the larger workshop, and to skim some of the exercises and procedures.

Note that Parents who do the overview may skip the first day of the larger workshop, and may discount what they’ve paid for it against the full workshop.


Weekend Workshops

The Structure of the full Workshop is designed to meet the relentless schedules of todays parents, and is broken into three full days spread over three weekends.  Parents may choose either a Saturday schedule or a Sunday Schedule over the three weekends.



Please go to the contact page to make your booking.