Clinical Hypnotherapy

In Synalysys hypnotherapy sessions, we take a very clear and holistic approach to teasing out the real issues in a person’s life that needs to be dealt with.

These issues are analysed from within, observed and discussed from without, and never managed in isolation.

Instead, we always take the whole of the person’s life system into account. This is achieved during the session with a detailed client interview, and delved into more deeply under hypnosis.

Once we understand the problem, and what the client is hoping to achieve in the session, we acclimatise the client to what hypnosis is, what it feels like, and what to expect during the session.

The client is first physically relaxed, tested for relaxation, and if necessary relaxed further.

They are then mentally relaxed. At each stage the client is tested for their responsiveness, and progressively brought down deeper and deeper into a beautiful state of mental calmness, where the conscious mind is quietened down, allowing us to access the subconscious mind, where real change can happen.

In this relaxed state the gap between conscious thoughts begins to increase, and the mind begins to enter a state of “Thoughtless Awareness” where the normal attention of the conscious mind becomes like a still lake where we think only of the present – which is the language of the sub-conscious mind.

Once the client has achieved a sufficiently relaxed state, we can begin to put in some positive suggestions that will allow the client to see immediate change in their lives.


still lake

Clinical Hypnotherapy forms a bedrock of the SynAlySys method, and in our sessions we use tried and tested techniques to get to the root of peoples’ fears, phobias, bad habits, and in certain cases, their physical problems. (SEE LIST BELOW FOR EXAMPLES)

For most people this session will be enough to produce the change they need. Perhaps they may need to come back for a “top up” session a number of months later (highly recommended in cases of large weight loss – approx one session for every stone or ~6kgs lost.)

However, for cases involving depression, anxiety, addictions or for phobias etc, it may be necessary to build on the success of the first session with further sessions in which the client is relaxed down to a level deeper still, and may require regression to an earlier part of their lives, in order to find the root of the problem, AND UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE THE WAY THEY ARE TODAY.

It then becomes possible to perform some of the more powerful techniques to break the associations that are causing the negative behaviour, or habits or beliefs in the person.

In certain cases following the regression session, it may be necessary to work with the client on forgiveness of themselves or others in order to allow them to let go, and truly heal. And to come up with a series of beneficial habits and positive beliefs with which they would like to replace their old negative ways and habits.

Within the client session, changes to the subconscious mind are made. New habits are instilled. We can drive belief in your own self-worth, allow greater patience with other people, a confidence to make mistakes and learn from them.

And perhaps for the first time in your lives, a sense of control, where you can live over in the Cause side of the equation, rather than the Effects side!

SynAlySys HypnoTherapy can be used to treat for:

  Improved memory   Anxiety
  Pain Control     Depression
  Weight Loss and Fitness     Insomnia
  Fears and Phobias :   Overcoming grief
            Fear of Public Speaking   Stammering
            Claustrophobia   Dyslexia
            Fear of Confrontation   Obsessive/Compulsive Symptoms
  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder   Coping with traumatic events
  Insomnia   Nervous Tics and Nail biting
  Low self-esteem and Confidence issues   Shyness and Blushing
  Smoking Cessation   Sexual problems:
  Addiction Issues           Frigidity
  Physical Conditions:           Impotence
            Tinnitus           Premature issues
            IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)           Climaxing Issues
            Asthma           Fear of Intimacy

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